The Heat is On

By: Capt. Greg Poland

It has been a great start to the summer, and we’ve been catching plenty of fish. I have been enjoying my new 26ft Contender and can’t believe it took me so long to get a T-top for it. I have been fighting it for years because I fish so many days at the local bridges during tarpon season, I was afraid it would get in the way. However, I would like to say I made through the tarpon season so far without a scratch, even though there were some nervous moments running through the old bridge with a jumping tarpon on the other end of the line!
The tarpon season is nearing the end for the bridges, but there is still some good backcountry fishing for the silver kings. If you missed the bridge action, give me a call and let’s schedule an Everglades adventure where we will find everything from tarpon to snook to redfish during the next several months.
On a recent snook trip to the backcountry, we came back to the Keys when the tide was right for a little permit action. Permit are one of my favorite fish and we catch them with everything from a fly rod to a live crab. If you have never experienced this, I recommend a 15 spin rod with beaded line and a fluorocarbon 30# leader the length of the rod, and a live crab the size of a silver dollar. Cast it in front of the permit and hold on, you will be in for a good fight!
Summertime is a great time to fish in the Islamorada area where you can catch a sport fish or something else dinner, so now is the time to get out there and go fishing.
If you don’t have a boat and want to get out on the water, or if you do have a boat and would like me to show you how we get it done around the area drop me a line. I can also show you how to better use your electronics for a better fishing experience, so let’s get out on the water!  Greg

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