Mahi Mahi Everywhere

By: Capt. Bruce Andersen

Summertime is here and we’ve got so many different kinds of fishing available. Of all the different species available to us in the Florida Keys, the most popular by far would be the dolphin fish or mahi-mahi! They’re everybody’s favorite sportfish.
After a slower than usual summer last year in 2023, the fishing this year has rebounded and we’re having a pretty decent season so far. Of course, every day is different. They’ll be slow days where you must really work hard to put a catch together and days with red hot fishing where it seems like there are mahi everywhere! Huge schools of fish all around the boat!
When heading offshore in search of mahi in the Florida Keys one thing you’ve got to remember is that every day truly is different. For one thing we’re fishing in the Gulf Stream, with the current moving at an average of about 2 knots. That means that the water you fish in today will be 50 miles up the road tomorrow, and any weed, floating debris, and fish will be far away the next day. It also means that every day is a fresh start. With new water, new fish, and new habitat like weed lines, weed patches and debris floating up from the southwest.
What all that means is that every day is truly a new adventure heading offshore in the Florida Keys. While being out there every day gives me a general idea of where I’ll start the next day. It’s kind of like I’ve got to erase the chalkboard and start over again each day. That’s part of what keeps it fresh and makes every day interesting when running offshore charters here in the keys. Every day I’ll head offshore looking through my binoculars and paying attention to all the signs to try to figure out where they’ll be that day. Every day a new hunt begins.
I would highly recommend getting on an offshore charter this summer and trying your luck mahi fishing. There is nothing like the site of a huge school of mahi with beautiful tropical colors all around the boat. Come on out and see for yourself!

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