Captain Joel’s Fishin’ Holes

By: Capt. Joel Brandenburg 

Fish to Hunt. My neighbor for years was golfing legend Slamming Sammy Snead “The King of Swing. I traveled all over the nation with Sam. He always told me that he only golfed so much so he could afford to fish and hunt. He helped me shape my life. Now and for several past years I fish 300 days per year so I can afford to hunt the other 65. I started my hunting season with an October southern Arizona muzzleloader mule deer tag. I drew this special tag the first year I applied. Most out of state hunters apply for five years or more to hunt in this special area on the Mexican border. I struck out in Arizona. I didn’t see a buck I cared to shoot. I hunted five hard days in the desert. During my down time in Arizona’s gorgeous desert I had a lot of time to reflect. I ask myself why do I like fishing and hunting so much and I guess my best answer is “it’s my nature”. In many respects fishing is a lot like hunting. Sometimes your fishing and sometimes your catching. Sometimes your hunting and sometimes your killing. When you are hunting or fishing looking for a particular quality species. For example, whitetail hunting and sword fishing can both be equally tedious. Whitetail deer hunting involves sitting in a tree stand (for many hours) watching the same spot for movement. When sword fishing your sitting in the boat (for many hours) watching the tip of your rod for any little twitch. A lot of the preparation, scouting, baiting etc. at the same too.

Both sports involve a lot of luck. Being in the right place at the right time. Fishing and hunting both take a lot of patience, trial and error, research and development, discovery, repetition, stamina, adaption and commitment. Both sports also involve becoming a master of your tools: Fishing- rod n reels, casting, reeling, cast netting, gaffing, fileting, etc.

Hunting- gun, bow, shooting, locating, recovering, field dressing, etc. I’m zero for five on my last five elk hunts. The late Hall of Fame Master Angler and Captain Jose Wejbe went zero for nineteen on blue marlin before caught and landed his first one. Both sports are fiscally demanding and can also be very dangerous. We use safety gear and equipment in both sports to stay safe from Mother Nature and her fury. One of the things I like about both sports is you never know what’s going to happen next. Expect the unexpected. Every day is different, never the same. Another thing I love about both sports is the table fare. Other than the experiences, you are also handsomely rewarded with awesome fish and lean meat to eat year-round.

I also like to mount a true trophy and memorialize the animal or fish in my trophy room. I will not keep any fish or harvest any game animals that I don’t intend to eat. Fall and winter months are my favorite time of year to hunt and fish. The cool air makes fish and animals move around and keeps them hungry. In hunting and fishing I also like that they are ethical sports, where you should have a mutual understanding of the space afforded to your fellow outdoorsman. 90% of the people who get on my boat to fish also love to hunt. 90% of the people I’ve hunted with also love to fish. It’s the thrill of the hunt! The thrill of the chase we are after. We love the outdoors whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking or diving. We need to preserve our water and woods through conservation and preservation of our natural resources, by abiding to bag limits and seasons. Donating our time and or money to conservation organizations and efforts. Also educating ourselves and others on ways we can improve the environment and our natural resources that live in it. God bless America! I’m writing this month’s article on a plane heading to the Midwest for a two-week three state whitetail hunt. I won’t shoot anything but a trophy buck. I’ll mostly be hunting, not killing. While I’m hunting my 23year old son Master Capt. Jojo Brandenburg is Handling charters. Call us at 813-267-4401 or visit us at or visit in person at Ana Banana Marina at 11699 Overseas Hwy Marathon Florida Keys

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