The Fishing Is Hot and So Is The Weather

By: Capt. Armando Alejo 

Nothing makes me happier than a returning group, particularly when they were one of the first group I’d ever guided.  The Stephen’s family and I were aboard together six seasons ago but we’ve always been able to keep in touch even if we weren’t on the water together.  Our recent adventure began with a text “Capt. are you free for a trip” date provided.  Sure, I replied, we would love to have you all aboard.  Next text, “Capt. we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary”.  At that moment I knew, I had to produce a special day for them, and that I did.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens hopped aboard after an hour rain delay, as is typical in the summer months, and we headed out on a hot and humid morning which is also typical in the summer.  We headed toward our first stop and put lines in almost immediately.  It became evident, that this day would soon be filled with humor as the trash talk ensued when Mrs. Stephens began catching what quickly became a limit of mangrove snapper!  Although Mr. Stephens stayed in the game, the Mrs., quite frankly put a pretty bad beating on him.  We closed out that spot, searched for triple tail with no luck when I quickly decided we needed to find snook or Redfish or both.

At our second and third stops, we also came out empty handed, however, I quickly made one adjustment that led to the BEST part of our day.  It was Redfish time!  In fact, we fought and quickly brought two upper slot fish to the boat in just a few minutes.  After enjoying these 30 or so minutes of some excellent fishing, I decided it was the best time to bring out my gift to them.  Mr. and Mrs. Stephens enjoyed a champagne toast on US!  I cannot describe the look on their faces when I “popped a bottle” on board.  They were amazed, grateful and simply just at peace during that moment as they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with us in the Flamingo Everglades aboard our Pathfinder 2300.  It was my pleasure to share in a very important milestone with these lovely folks, some of my best clients!  Congratulations to this beautiful couple.

Join us aboard to celebrate your milestone or simply to get some of the epic summer action here in the Flamingo Everglades.

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