April 2016 Kayak Fishing Report

April 2016 Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report by Pablo Hein

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing

April was a beautiful and quiet month in the Playa Santa Teresa and Mal Pais area. Less tourists and firsts rains of the year made this month a very enjoyable one. No traffic on the road and less dust helps a lot to have fun driving around the peninsula. First rain of the year produced one amazing natural phenomenon when the “tajalines” migrate to the beach. Thousands of jungle crabs walk out all over town in direction to the beach where they dig holes and lay eggs. After hiding for over 4 months in the mountains, this migration will make some funny moments for tourists and locals because you will find these crabs in every corner of your house or hotel room. Also, the road turns totally red because its impossible to avoid driving over some crabs!

Fishing this month was amazing, big schools of sardines came close to shore early in April and we had the opportunity to score excellent fishing days. Large sea bass (corvina reina), cubera snapper, roosterfish and many Jacks were caught close to shore. Also, jigging expeditions produced a lot of tuna action. Mostly black tuna were caught, but we finally found some mackerel tuna for sushi and sashimi. After a very busy season, this month was special for our company! Our 3 owners and guides celebrated birthday and there is nothing better in the world than enjoying our personal time chasing and landing big fish on the kayaks. Live bait fishing and top water was the best way to find big fish inshore this month. Trolling was very efficient for barracudas and Spanish mackerel. One of the highlights this month was on April 9th. With so many sardines around there were a lot of barracudas feasting near the shore. At one point while trolling, we were producing over 10 bites in 30 minutes and live bait fishing was not possible because barracudas were cutting our bait just 6 feet under the kayak! With so much fish around we thought some fish might be feeding on those barracudas, so we took a small one and put it on a big hook. After one hour something took that barracuda and gave us the monster ride! After 30 minutes of a very strong fight, we expected a big snapper or some shark, but finally we landed a massive 40 pound roosterfish!

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing

Please check our Facebook page and book your jigging expedition this green season! Some dolphins have been spotted around during these tours also many sea turtles and mantaray.

Pura Vida from Mal Pais

Pablo Hein

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