April Potomac River Forecast

By Thomas Raines

April will bring many spawning fish into the tributaries of the Potomac River. Yellow perch will likely be one of the first seen making this move, although their presence is quite small in most parts of the river. Stripers will begin to make their run up the river before quickly turning around to head back out to the Chesapeake Bay. Fishing for bass will pick up even more as fish in some parts of the river will begin to think about spawning. This will be a great chance to catch some of the biggest bass that live in the river. The stage of the spawn you find yourself in will change depending on where you are on the river. Some areas warm up more quickly than others, making these warmer spots a hotbed area for bass to come looking to spawn. Some of the best lures to use for bass at this time will primarily be “search” baits that cover a lot of water such as spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, or a lipless crankbait. Red/orange seems to be a staple across the country around the spawn, but the fish on the Potomac just can’t pass up a good crawfish patterned meal. With more and more people get on the water while it warms up we would like to remind everyone to ensure all safety equipment on your vessel is up to date and to still use extra caution. The water is cold enough to cause serious problems if you find yourself falling overboard for any reason; this is also a reminder to everyone getting back on the water to always wear a lifejacket and kill switch. One day these simple measures could save your life or someone around you. Stay safe, and tight lines!

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