The Art Of Being Organized When It Comes To Tackle Boxes

Back when I started fishing, we only had available the traditional tackle box with two or three rows of trays. You could see everything in these boxes but everything also got wet. It was a battle against saltwater and air to keep all the hooks and terminal tackle from getting rusted. As we began to be more organized, we started to dedicate boxes to targeted type of fish. Like for yellowtail and bottom fish, we put together all tackle needed, like asst. hooks, jigs, swivel, flour-leaders and asst. leads. It’s a big plus to be able to see 80% of what’s inside the box without opening it.

I have put together a box for just about all the different type of fishing I do, like trolling, kite fishing, wahoo high speed and day time and night time sword fishing, and of course bottom fishing. It is very practical to just put in a duffel bag all the different boxes you will need for the days you are going fishing and just go! The best boxes to get are the ones with a gasket that helps keep salt air out of the box. Visit our store and we will help you build your fishing boxes!

Elías Rodriguez

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