This Is The Perfect Time To Get Outside And Go Fishing!

Fishing was red hot on the weekend of March 21-22nd in Sanibel Island, FL. Photos by Patrick Bailey.

Check with your local area on beach closings. Each beach town or county is currently operating on their own rules.

In some areas beach parking is closed but the beach is not. So you may need  to get creative with parking if you plan on surf fishing.

The tarpon are rolling in South Florida and the boats are offshore taking full advantage.
Check with your area on boat ramp closings. Some anglers are forced to use their private docks.

Social Distancing in the Great Outdoors

Angling adheres to all the rules of social distancing. Indeed, isolation is one of fishing’s greatest benefits. You’re trying to avoid other people, especially those out to steal your spot. There’s nothing quite like a still morning as the sun rises, the fog lifts, and you find yourself alone in an inlet of prime habitat.

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