Dear Fish Wench,

My husband has been bugging me for a couple of years to buy a boat. He loves to fish and with the weather warming up, he is starting to complain all the time about not owning a boat. I have been reluctant to purchase one because I’ve heard that the two best days for a boat owner are the day he buys it and the day he sells it. What should I do?

All Dried Up

Ahoy Dried Up,

Get the boat. You won’t regret it. Boat ownership can be much more affordable than you might think. Many boats can be financed for less than a car payment. I recently applied for a boat loan through my bank and I was surprised to get financing for up to seven years with a low-interest rate.  When I crunched the numbers, it was actually much more affordable to finance the boat than to come up with a large chunk of money to buy an older pirate vessel outright. Ideally, this means less money for repairs down the road because the boat is newer. Once you know how much you can afford and how you will use the boat (fishing, skiing, sunset cruises, pillaging, plundering, etc), you are able to determine the size and type of boat that best suits your needs and comfort level. The internet has dramatically improved the way we shop for boats. You can narrow down the type of boat and price compare online to see what deals are out there. It’s a buyer’s market, so there are great deals everywhere. Spend time visiting boat dealers, boarding vessels, and making a checklist of your likes and dislikes. If you don’t live on the water, make sure you choose a boat you are able to store and trailer without much hassle and expense.  Don’t rush into buying a boat, especially if you are a newbie. Before you shell out the booty, make sure the boat is inspected thoroughly and follow up with a sea trial to see how the boat handles. Check to see if it has a warranty and read the fine print to avoid surprises later on.

If you buy wisely, you should be able to enjoy all the physical and psychological benefits boat ownership has to offer. Getting on the water has been proven to be one of the best activities to relax and relieve stress. A National Marine Manufacturers Association survey of over 1,000 American households listed boating in the top-three of all stress-relieving activities. (I’d like to guess what number one might be. Wink.) Boating will also be a great opportunity to bond with your husband and friends. Boating offers exciting new adventures both above and below the water. The thrill of learning to dive, snorkel, fish, wakeboard, or just bask in the sun from your new boat makes it worth the investment.

Get the boat. You won’t regret it.

Fair Winds,
Fish Wench

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