Backcountry Fishing

by Greg Poland

It’s springtime and the tarpon migration is in full swing, this means great fishing on the oceanside in 3-6ft of water for the guys looking to sight cast for silver kings. If you have never sight casted to a migrating tarpon you should really get out on the water and experience it, but beware it is going to change your life!

Standing on the bow of a boat in gin clear water and watching a school of 4-5ft fish swimming at you is sure to make you wobbly at the knees, but once he opens that mouth and inhales your offering you will be hooked for life. That is what happened to me and I look forward all year long to the arrival of the silver kings and my chance to take anglers out to experience the greatest fish that swims.

Whether you are a fly fisherman or simply casting a live crab at a school of tarpon is by far and away my favorite type of fishing, after the bite you can expect a summersault much like a gymnast trying out for the Olympics then a fight that will put your tackle to test. We have world class tarpon fishing in the keys and this time of year I spend a lot of time fishing around the bridges, when you hook up near a bridge it’s going to be a bit of a rodeo but it’s always fun when you make it through to the other side and the teamwork of angler and captain is a strong bond after releasing a big fish that tried to wrap you up in a bridge piling.

If you want to get out and try a little tarpon fishing, I suggest a rod with 30lb Braded line, 10ft of 50lb fluorocarbon leader tied to a circle hook with a live mullet for bait. I have some prime tarpon dates in May & June available if you want to get out for a trip & I can show you my favorite type of fishing. Here are a few photos from recent trips.


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