Backcountry Fishing

by Greg Poland

Its summertime in the Florida Keys and it’s a great time to be on & in the water, everybody on the island is talking about how great the lobstering has been. Colin & Chris good friends from Los Angeles took a break from work and came down to experience Mini Season in Islamorada, not a bad haul for 2 guys from Los Angeles. In the backcountry the snook fishing has been great, we have been fishing the shorelines and casting olive color hogy soft baits up under the overhanging mangroves, live pilchards work great as well but we have been leaving early to beat the heat and not taking the time to look for the live bait.

If you are looking to get the kids out pulling on fish, look for big schools of Jack Carvels busting baits on the shorelines and anyplace you see birds diving and fish busting, below are some photos of some kids I have been fishing with for years and it’s always a brotherly rival as to who caught the bigger fish. The shark action has been great as well, if you find the jacks and want to pull on something big put a hook in one and send it back out with a trace of wire. I like a 6.5ft 50lb conventional rod with a 2 speed reel for the big sharks, with the heavy tackle you can catch them quick and get a good release without tiring them or you our too much.

For shark fishing I only use circle hooks and tie on a 3ft trace of wire tied to a swivel directly to your wine on leader, put your live bait on a bobber to hold it up off the bottom and hold on. If you’re looking to get out on the water check out my website and we will get you out on my new Contender Bay Boat.

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