Backcountry Fishing – Sept 2017

Tylor’s first tarpon.

by Greg Poland

The backcountry fishing has been outstanding everything from trippletail to tarpon and plenty of nice snook as well. I have been leaving the dock as early as my clients would be willing to meet with me and traveling to the backcountry of the Everglades National Park or some of the local Florida Keys bridges for some really great fishing over the last month. The tarpon have stopped swimming down the Oceanside but you can still find a few at our local bridges and in some, hopefully to remain, secret spots out back.

Trevor’s first snook.

One species we don’t talk about enough is the Jack Crevalle and this is the time to really have some fun with them. I have been finding them in big schools out in the gulf side of the keys and my clients have worn their arms out casting lures and poppers at them. It’s also a great fish to take beginners out to target with a flyrod. I like a 7ft rod with braided line and a popper so you can ignite the bite, but sub surface lures are a better choice if you just want to catch them. A bucktail jig works just as well.

Nice glades snook.

Look for birds flying over busts much like if you were dolphin fishing and cast those lures, you will be happy with the outcome, if snook is more your style we have seen some good snook fishing with live bait around the mangroves up in the park. This is a great time to be on the water gang, and when it gets too hot jump overboard and catch a lobster for dinner.

Catch Ya next month…
Capt. Greg


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