Backcountry Fishing

by Greg Poland

Summertime in the Florida Keys is a great time to get out on the water, and with the warm weather it’s a great time to get out early then spend the afternoon in the pool or snorkeling, this time of year our weather predicable so it’s the perfect time to explore a little. If it’s a calm morning I like to head offshore in my bay boat for the Mahi Mahi and if you find birds or a weed line you will probably find a school of fish, my advice is to start running and don’t stop till you see a weed line then slow troll down it with a fresh ballyhoo or my go to lure a Hogy Pro Tail soft bait which is perfect because they are indestructible and cast a mile! I always keep two 15lb spinners rigged with the pro tails in the rod rack.

Here is the Pro Tail I use on every trip, I cast them at everything from Tarpon to Trout in the backcountry and everything offshore will eat it.

If the ocean is not your thing there are still plenty of tarpon around the bridges and in the backcountry of the Keys and Everglades, and the trout fishing has been as good as I can ever remember. if you are looking to bend the rod with kids my advice would be to rig a 10# spinning rod with a popping cork and a hogy pro tail about 3ft of 30lb fluorocarbon and set up a drift over a grass flat in the backcountry. Let the boat drift and just keep twitching the cork which will get the fishes attention, it’s a great way to spend a morning and everybody will catch fish. We mostly get trout while doing this but an occasional redfish or snook might make an appearance.

If you’re looking to get on the water, let’s make some plans to spend a day together either on my boat or yours.

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