Bahamas Fishing Forecast: March 2015

Capt. Luke Mallis with a typical 50-pound Simms Bar March wahoo. PHOTO CREDIT: Reel Addictive Charters.
Capt. Luke Mallis with a typical 50-pound Simms Bar March wahoo. PHOTO CREDIT: Reel Addictive Charters.


Bonefish Ebbie tells us in March the water will begin to warm and the wind will continue to be a challenge when casting. That said, he said anglers can always go to a protected area, but also cautioned, that’s not always where the fish are. The average Bimini bonefish in March will be in the 8- to 10-pound range. Permit are cruising the flats, but not in the numbers they do in the summer. They should average in the 15- to 20-pound range, with some shooting up to 35-pounds. Snapper and barracuda are always willing to bend your rod and if doing a little nearshore reef fishing, 60-feet of water is best. Here you’ll find yellowtail, lane snapper, mutton fish, grouper and triggerfish. All great fare for the table.


Capt. Luke Maillis, Reel Addictive Charters, claims March is one of Long Island’s best fishing months. Bigger wahoo are seen this time of year, with 40- to 50-pounds being the average size. Long Island ‘hoos like to feed mostly on tuna and bonito, and he’s having great luck with the new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bonitos. He’s had a few recent trips that they’ve trolled, tried vertical jigging, deep trolling with split tail baits on down riggers, and even tried chunking, but the wahoo, which they saw floating around the chuck line when they jumped overboard, just were not interested in eating anything. “Fish can sometimes be almost a finicky as women,” he half-jokingly said, “but once the full moon arrives in March, the bite will back in action.”


Cliff Bootle, the marina manager at Treasure Cay Resort and Marina, in Treasure Cay, Abaco, reports the wahoo action continues and sent in three photos proving the fun continues. And Kevin Saywer at Island Boy Tackle in Marsh Harbour shared there have been more marlin sightings and an early mahi-mahi arrival.


Capt. Ryan Neilly at Spanish Wells Fishing shares in March, “The mahi-mahi bite will be in full swing and they will be here in large numbers.” Capt. Neilly also said March is the month for tiger grouper and yellowfin tuna. And, like other parts of the Bahamas, wahoo are still around.


Chad Melton at Ocean Fox Cotton Bay Scuba Diving and Deep Sea Fishing, reports mahi-mahi are showing up in good numbers and in good size. “Our schoolies here run about 10-pounds-plus.” He shared Capt. Sidney went out for an hour-and-a-half and returned to the dock with nine mahi. Wahoo are still present and yellow fin have arrived and will only get better as the season goes on.


According to Capt. Doug Rowe at Fish Rowe Charters in George Town, Great Exuma, marlin will show in larger numbers in March and the wahoo, mahi-mahi, and tuna bite will be getting stronger as the month progresses. Deep drop will remain strong and the reef fishing should be excellent.

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