Bahamas Fishing Report and Forecast: May 2014


According to talk on the docks, blue marlin began showing up in late April, wahoo are still hanging around, the dolphin catch has been strong, and yellowfin tuna have arrived. Capt. Chase Camacho, Chase N Dream Yacht Charters out of Bimini Big Game Club shares, “Marlin are averaging 200-pounds, but remember 400- to 500-pounders have been recorded almost every season for the past five years. Yellow tail, grouper, snapper all have been strong just south of Cat and over by the Ginger Bread Grounds. Tuna has shown up and I expect record catches for May. Most are up to 20 pounds, but I had one report of a yellowfin tuna being caught, which rocked the scales at 77-pounds northeast of Issacs. If you don’t have live bait, don’t waste your time.”


Capt. Teddy Pratt on the Reel Deal out of Nassau Yacht Harbour reports, “We are catching our share of mahi-mahi, tuna and wahoo. Fish are ranging from 15- to 50-pounds. A few marlin in the 150- to 300-pound range are in the mix.” He advises to be prepared for anything, small or large, “Because we are in that time of the year now when you don’t know when they are going to show up, so your tackle better be right.”

North Eleuthera

Captains in Spanish Wells are reporting a strong yellowfin tuna bite, with most being caught on live bait around Dutch Bar, Shallow Ground, Pinnacle and James Point. Capt. Ryan Neilly shared “The dolphin bite has been good. We’re trolling ballyhoo and live bait. In May, the name of the game is going to be yellowfin tuna and mahi-mahi. If reef fishing, expect the mutton snapper and yellowtail snapper bite to be in full swing. Best locations will be channels and inside the reef; best bait, squid or goggle-eye.”

South Eleuthera

Blackfin and yellowfin tuna as well as dolphin are showing up and all in good numbers and sizes reports Chad Melton from Ocean Fox at Davis Harbour.  “Looks like it is going to be a real Bahamas’ fishing season. Dolphin, marlin, and tuna will be here from late April to the end of August. Because of the cool water temperature we are still catching wahoo in the 20- to 50-pound range, with a monster over 80-pounds coming now and then.”


Capt. Doug Rowe, Fish Rowe Charters, says “May means marlin month in Exuma. Billfish will begin to arrive along with the tuna, mahi-mahi will still be around, and so it’s a real mixed bag of fishing this month. So putting a mix bag of lures and baits in your spread will be the best bet. I like to run a naked skipping or swimming ballyhoo, along with some big lures closer to the boat and lots of teasers. Dark lures and green and blue will be good combos to run. Although, the wahoo should have left by now, you never know.”