The Bahamas Fisheries regulations allow travelers to export a limited amount of marine resources as part of their personal baggage. Listed below are the maximum allowable limits for all travelers traveling both by air and sea.

Seafood Export Limits carried as part of personal baggage

  • Six Dolphin, Wahoo or Kingfish
  • Ten (10 Ibs.) pounds of Conch* or Crawfish
  • Twenty (20 Ibs.) pounds of Demersal fish

Allowable Limits for Foreign Vessels with a Sports Fishing Permit

Persons leaving The Bahamas aboard a foreign vessel that was fishing in The Bahamas under a sportsfishing permit are limited to the amounts specified in the sportsfishing permit.

The Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), which The Bahamas is a party to, has listed the Queen Conch as an endangered species. Therefore, any conch export from The Bahamas requires the issuance of a CITES Export Permit.

Persons traveling with up to ten (10 lbs.) pounds of conch may apply directly to the Department of Agriculture’s Permits Section for the CITES Export Permit. This section is located at the Levy Building on East Bay Street. Office hours are 9:00 a m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The fee for the CITES Export Permit is ten ($10.00) dollars.

Further information on marine resources export limits may be obtained from the Department of Marine Resources, telephone no. (242) 393-1777, or (242) 393-1014, Fax no. (242) 393-0238 or via email at

SOURCE: The Islands of The Bahamas Boating & Fishing Guide