<h4>Click<a href=”http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/tide_predictions.html?gid=1750#listing” target=”_blank”><em><strong> HERE </strong></em></a>for tidal information from the following Bahamas area stations:</h4>
<em>SOURCE: NOAA Bahamas Tides</em>

Guinchos Cay • Elbow Cay, Cay Sal Bank • Fresh Creek, Andros • North Cat Cay
North Bimini • Memory Rock • Settlement Point, Grand Bahama
Pelican Harbor • Nassau, New Providence Island
Eleuthera Island, west coast • Eleuthera Island, east coast
The Bight, Cat Island • San Salvador
Clarence Harbor, Long Island • Nurse Channel • Datum Bay, Acklin Island
Mathew Town, Great Inagua Island
Abraham Bay, Mayaguna Island

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