Barracuda Bob’s Clearwater & Dunedin Report By: Capt. Joe Londot

Dog Days of Summer Getting You Down?

Hang it up and go fishing!

Yep, it’s hot out here folks and that means there just isn’t a better time to get out and do some serious fishing around the Dunedin Causeway, Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands!  Fishing has been on fire all summer long and not much will change in August except that it’s a little bit hotter outside.

It’s a great time to change tactics and stay cool at the same time.  If you haven’t tried wading, kayaking or paddle boarding out to where the big fish are hanging around here, now’s the time to give it a try.  Many of our customers will either wade right off the Causeway or the island beaches, or paddle out behind the islands and cast their way to fish heaven; and stay cooler in the process!

Big, breeder snook are hitting like crazy right off the beaches on the Gulf side and in Hurricane Pass.  These fish are looking for big, easy to catch meals to build up their eggs and sperm for the upcoming spawn so a big live grunt, pinfish or mullet free-lined in the current will almost always tempt these fish into biting.  We’re talking 30” to 48” fish here folks, so an incredible fight and long, drag burning are to be expected.  The crew at Barracuda Bob’s can help you with bait, rigging and places to nail these beasts!

Reds are bombing the mangrove shorelines and oyster bars at high tide along the inside of Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands, and along Edgewater on the Dunedin mainland.  Long casts with big topwater baits using a walk the dog retrieve will produce explosive action early in the mornings.  Later in the day try a half fresh pinfish soaked on the bottom or work a big jig and tail combo with a Gulp tail.

Big Tarpon are still cruising the sand bars on the Gulf side of Honeymoon, Caladesi and Three Rooker Islands, and along the Dunedin Causeway early in the mornings.  Half a Blue crab or half a big fresh mullet soaked on the bottom will work, as will a big live pinfish or Thread Herring drifted out under a big bobber.  There’s hardly a day that goes by that some unlucky angler walks into Barracuda Bob’s needing his reel respooled, because he got jumped by a big tarpon and completely spooled!  These fish take heavy spinning gear if you want a chance to land them and take photos!

All sorts of sharks can readily be taken off the Causeway or Gulf beaches.  Make sure to use heavy wire leader and big hunks of Bonito or mullet to bag them.  Sharks three to five feet long are common, but don’t be surprised to hook something much bigger!

Offshore Gag and Red grouper are virtually everywhere out past 50 feet of water.  Gags like live pinfish best, but Reds will take almost any bait, including frozen sardines or squid.  With these fish don’t be shy about using a big hook and really big baits.  They all have bucket mouths!

Whatever your piscatorial passion, make sure to stop by Barracuda Bob’s island Surf & Sports on the Dunedin Causeway for the best in baits, tackle and fishing advice.  Our friendly and knowledgeable crew will be happy to set you up with everything you need for a productive day or night on the water!

See y’all out there!

Capt Joe