Basics on Basic Freshwater Fishing Fun

Basic summer fishing can incorporate almost any type of freshwater fishing fun. It can include hard-core constant casting all day long to bass structure or sitting in a boat soaking bait for carp. I like both, with the ease of boat fishing bait for carp a leisurely way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

It used to be that you would need an old style baitcasting reel for this—one with a clicker so that the current would not pull out all your line and you would know when a fish is playing with your bait. Spinning reels with the bail open were just not adequate. Today, you have several choices of the newest and best tackle available.

For spinning, the best solution is to use one of the bait drag reels which includes a standard front drag and a rear adjustable setting to prevent line from running out. Mostly these are available from Daiwa, Shimano, Okuma and Penn. Most of these are in what would be called a large freshwater or light saltwater size, but they are great for bait fishing with spinning tackle.

There are many companies now producing baitcasting reels with clickers, which serve as a check to prevent line from spooling off the reel. Many of these reels include the latest advances in cast control, drags, clickers, weight reduction, level winds and are suitable for both mono and braid lines. While only a few years ago you would have to find a reel from the 1940’s with a click drag, today you can get the best possible for this leisurely fishing.

For carp fishing, you can fish from a bank anywhere, with a forked stick to hold up your rod. In a boat on a pond or slow moving river, it helps to have two anchors to keep the boat from swinging aimlessly. On a river, make sure that this is safe and position the boat so that you can fish straight downstream.

It helps to bait or chum the area first with a can of kernel corn or two and use corn or dough balls as bait. If your state or area regulations allow it, you can fish several rods, each one with an egg sinker above a swivel (for a stop) and followed by three feet of mono line and a baited hook. This also allows you to use the mono next to the hook and braid or gel spun line on the reel.

The ease of this fishing is with the reel. On spinning, you can set the drag to strike the fish, but use the rear bait adjustment to allow the fish to take line and alert you to a nibble, without the water current or wind pulling the line off of the reel. The click on a baitcasting reel achieves the same thing, with the click an audible alert that a is fish interested in your offering.

The advantage of either a baitcasting reel or bait drag spinning reel like this is that it makes it possible fish without constantly holding the rod and reel, and also not risking a tackle loss from an aggressive fish. With a cold soft drink, cap and suitable sunglasses for eye protection, there is no better way to spend an afternoon.

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