Being Prepared for the Weather in Maine!

Being Prepared for the Weather in Maine!

By Richard Yvon


Every year in Maine, I get asked about what kind of clothes I should wear? Guiding year round always makes it difficult to plan an activity with having everyone dressed appropriately.

Here is a great opportunity to share what we believe will have you covered here in Maine! Be- cause we cater to all ages and people who live all over our great country, clothing can be a challenge. It is by far one of the most important things you will want to be prepared for in order to be comfortable.

The number one, year round article of clothing is rain gear. By far if you have rain gear you can enjoy the Maine outdoors all year long by layering ac- cording to the outside ambient temperature. In Maine, it does in fact have the potential to rain on your parade at any time of year. In fact, it is possible to get hyperthermia at any time of year even in summer! A good rain jacket and bib can save your outdoor adventures from getting dampened! Today’s rain clothing has come a long way from the waxed cotton days of our mentors. Today’s material is breathable, water proof, wind proof and light weight. It can be easily stored in a day pack or even a fanny pack. Under layers can be poly- propylene, wool, fleece and the latest technology of moisture wicking material with a UPF rating to boot! Layering with a good breathable rain jacket and bib can get you through nearly all weather conditions.

Good foot gear is essential…It is rather difficult to have “one type fits all”. So we always rec- ommend a waterproof, breath- able type shoe or boot that has good ankle support. When you venture out it is always a great idea to have an extra pair of shoes and extra breathable socks. On hikes especially, we often remind people to bring along extra foot gear in their day pack. It can save a hike and your feet! At the end of the day a boot dryer will ensure your next days comfort and also prolong the life of your gear. Happy Trails in the outdoors!

Our favorite winter clothing for Ice Fishing has to be our Artic Armor floating ice-fish- ing suite! Our friends from the “Official Hook, Line and Sinker” had us try the latest technology in clothing for out on hard water. It has become my favorite warm, lightweight, breathable, wind proof and most comfortable suite ever! Yes, it even floats!!! I hope we never have to try that feature out in icy water but it is cer- tainly piece of mind while out fishing!