Belle Isle Kayak Adventures

Rick Buss holds up one of his fish caught in the Striper Shootout.
Rick Buss holds up one of his fish caught in the Striper Shootout.
By Guide Rick Buss

It always amazes me how much wind direction and velocity affects the ocean and how we fish it. After that brutal heat wave, inshore waters were up to the high 60’s and low 70’s. Then along came a howling west wind, diminishing over the next few days but lasting just long enough to blow all that warm surface water out to sea. 57 degrees last time I was out. The good news is, it woke up those sluggish, summer stripers and got ‘em moving and feeding. Big fish are being pulled out of the rocks and harbor mouth channels. Look for these big fish to enter the harbor every tide and with all the bait in there, they ain’t leaving any time soon.

The New England Kayak Fishing Mass Bay Striper Shootout and The Help Hook the Cure derby were both great annual events last month supporting great causes so thanks to everyone that participated and be sure to sign up again in 2014.

For those of us traveling kayakers, September is one of our favorite times to head for the Cape to chase false albacore, bonito and even Spanish mackerel. Because we can’t run and gun like the power boats, the best bet is trying to figure out the pattern or direction the fish are following and get ahead of them. While you’re moving to the anticipated spot, be sure to have a line in the water trolling a small hogy, maria jig or even a small plug just incase they decide to zig instead of zag. For those of you who haven’t made this trip yet, make this year the year to add it to your bucket list. If you need help, give me a call and we’ll put together a trip.

All in all, it’s going to be a great fall run. Now get out there and start warming up!

Guide rick Buss, (617) 719-2036, Kayak specialist and fishing guide rick Buss fishes, dives, and snorkels off his kayak. He runs his guide service out of Belle isle in Winthrop but can deliver kayaks to your location.