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The Huck Bucket has been called a 5-gallon bucket on steroids. Huck took endlessly useful old-fashioned bucket and improved everything about it.

Huck Bucket

Huck Buckets are made of SpryTech, an incredibly strong blend of performance polymers. The sidewalls are thick, yet flexible enough to survive a drop of at least 20 feet when full of water. The handle bulkheads and plugs on a Huck are six times thicker than on an ordinary disposable bucket.

Grippin’ Technology custom designed by Vibram ensures a Huck Bucket won’t skid on deck or slip from your hands. When lifting a Huck Bucket or pouring it out, the four Grippin’ Feet on the sole of the bucket as well as two on the sides become Grippin’ Grips, with finger grooves shaped into each.

Huck Bucket Width

The Bucket is wider than a traditional 5-gallon bucket, which significantly reduces the “tippability,” and Hucks stack easily, without the suction issue experienced when trying to pull apart stacked 5-gallon buckets.

Finally, this Bucket has been tested to hold 650 pounds supported by the handle. It is the premium bucket on which any outdoorsman can rely. It is very tough, long-lasting and far superior to any other 5-gallon bucket.

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