Unsinkable Polarized Rival Sunglasses

Unsinkable Polarized had a groundbreaking, and perhaps a little crazy, idea. Because they are so confident in their products being the ultimate watersports sunglasses, they offer them with a Lifetime + Loss Warranty.

With floating frames, all polarized lenses and that warranty, there should be nothing stopping anyone from getting a pair of Unsinkable Polarized sunglasses.

Unsinkable developed a naturally buoyant frame material known as Vaporlite. It floats, it’s 20 percent lighter than what most sunglasses are made of, yet the frames retain the look and feel of ordinary sunglasses.

And in the unlikely event that your Unsinkables float away, the ground-breaking Lifetime + Loss Warranty has you completely covered.

The featured Rival sunglasses are in Raven color with a ColorBlast Grey Lens. These are perfect for spending long days on the water because of their larger fit and full-wrap coverage. The ColorBlast polarized lens technology filters blue light, which makes colors blast. Rivals retail for about $139.

You can purchas Unsinkable Rivals from Amazon here

For more details on all styles, colors, and technology, visit the Unsinkable Polarized website.


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