The Best and Most Effective Live Bait for Freshwater Fishing

You have probably heard about the best fishing reels, fishing rods, and best fishing line to use, but what about live bait when for freshwater fishing?

Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, you can certainly attest to the fact that the live bait you attach to your hook are as important as your other fishing tackles.

And, to give you a guide about the best live bait that you can use when you indulge yourself again in angling in lakes, river, and ponds or other fresh water spots, here are the best and effective live bait for freshwater fishing which never fails to give me the result I need when catching fish.

#1 Live Bait: Minnows or Shiners


A bucket of minnows is an effective weapon to many anglers, and that includes me! These baby fish come in different sizes, and you can just select and buy some from your nearest bait shops. If that is going to be a hassle, you can go and grab your own as long it is legal in your area.

The secret in efficiently using these baits is to make sure that they remain alive and kicking when you hook them. To make this possible, you need to insert your hook right through the top of your minnow’s back and make sure not to damage the minnows’ spinal cord.

You can also hook them vertically through their tail or both lips. This style is effective when you are trolling, drifting or cast and retrieve.

Tip for Minnows: Store your minnows in a shaded container and use bobbers occasionally to sustain oxygen in the water. If you are into pike or bass fishing, you can fish with large ‘shiners.’

#2 Live Bait: Frogs

frogs live bait

These tiny animals are another creatures that are willing to sacrifice their lives just for you to have a catch. Sounds a touching story, right? Seriously, frogs are not as weird baits as you think they are. In fact, an article from claims that frogs are excellent baits especially when you are using them right.

They are also useful whether you are trying to seize smallmouth and largemouth bass, and many fish catchers are fond of using frogs as baits in deep, shallow or across the lily pad’s tops.

To attach this amphibian on your line, you can hook it through its lips, or you can also run your hook through one of its forelegs. The latter is a more efficient style as it allows your frog to move freely, making it more attractive to fish.

Take care of your frogs by not handling them too often as doing this may cause them too much stress. They also often feed on crickets, but they also eat flies, worms, and bugs.

#3 Live Bait: Worms

worms live bait

Afraid of not getting enough minnows or frogs? Don’t worry because you can use an almost unlimited supply of worms. This wiggling animal is perhaps the top favorite of many freshwater fishing enthusiasts, and that is no surprise.

With the cheap cost and abundance of these baits in addition to its effectiveness when you cast it underwater, it is almost impossible that you will not catch one or more fish after just a few minutes of casting your fishing tackles.

Day in and day out, worms are meals that fish can’t stand. They even it when they are full whether you believe it or not! If you are catching sunfish, pan fish, or trout, you can use smaller manure worms which you can find in horse and cattle pastures. Nightcrawlers and earth worms are both good choices if you are chasing walleyes and bass.

So what exactly do you do to bait these worms? It is so quick and simple. Hook the worms at least three to four times depending on their length through the center, and cast your tackle, and, after just one sitting, be ready to feel something playing with your line.


Baits are tiny tackles that cause big fishing success, and while there is an almost infinite number of artificial lures available in the market, the live bait I just shared are the ones that won’t surely hurt your pocket.

These creatures are also the live bait I have proven effective in hooking fish over my several years of engaging in freshwater fishing. There are certainly more, but I would be more than glad to leave that to you as your assignment. Find one which one works for you and which ones hook your target.

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