IBX December 2015 Fishing Report

Kurt Rawald with Trout
Kurt Rawald with Trout

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inter is moving in on us as are colder waters. This brings in big changes in the Neuse River region.

The speckled trout, the mainstay of our waters, will be getting back in the inland creeks wintering in the deeper warmer waters. Their metabolism slows as well like other wildlife and Us! The bite will be a lot more subtle requiring light action gear and good braid to allow the feel of the slightest “tic” on your rod tip – FISH ON!

This year we won’t see the multitude of trout as usual due to past winter weather and over-fishing but should have plenty to provide exciting trips and some food on the table. I prefer to use soft plastics (DOA CALS) in the deeper water rigged on smallest jig head that will allow good contact with line so as to feel that “tic”. Slow is the key in colder water – If you think you are working bait slow – slow it down more! The DOA CALS come on the styles of 3″ shad, 4” Jerk and Curly tails that all catch great. The DOA Jig Head has an aggressive bait keeper and wide gap hook that makes it the an awesome fish getter.

Sub Surface hard plastics as Rapala Skitter Walks, Storm Twitching Stick and Mirrolures will still perform well when worked real SLOWWWW. Twitch and pause for a drink or cigarette – you will probably get bit while bait sitting still.

And – on cold still days with sun burning – try some top water late in day on shallow mud flats off deep water sloughs and holes. The sun warms the dark mud and water and trout will move up on flats to feed and take in the warmth. Rapala Skitter Walks, Storm Chug Bugs and Storm Arashi Top Walker is my go to baits.

On the safety side – water temps dropping will greatly decrease the time you can survive if overboard – Be extra safe this time of year! Wear your protective gear and be aware of what is happening around you.