Big ‘O’ Teen Anglers 2016 AOY Awards (Dec. 2016)

Tourney: Big ‘O’ Teen Anglers 2016 AOY Awards
Venue: Lake Okeechobee
Date: Dec 2016


The Big ‘O’ Teen Anglers 2016 Season is in the books and it was a great year for our Okeechobee youth club. Twenty-three teams competed this year and they all did a fantastic job throughout the whole season. Bill Ellerbee’s group of kids would like to give a special thanks of gratitude for all the support they received from local volunteers, boat captains, businesses, friends and family that made this year such a success. In looking forward to the 2017 season, it’s already looking to surpass this past season with 27 teams already signed up. For those interested in joining the fun, or for those who want to volunteer, please contact Bill at (863) 697-8764. Boat captains are especially needed as the group continues to grow.

Older Division: 16-19 years old-

First Place: Blake Everett: 141.21 lbs
Second Place: Parker Choate: 110 lbs
Third Place: Keith Morgan: 90.81 lbs

Younger Division: 11-15 years old-

First Place: Cody Wojcieszak: 96 lbs
Second Place: Wyatt Cannon: 88 lbs
Raith Sales: 85.16 lbs