Big spillway monster fishing

caught this 7 lbs Peacock bass in Doral, FL.

This is what I would call extreme urban fishing in Miami, this kind of fishery is a very hard fishery as you have to know exactly how to catch your own bait as this is not caught with a shiner, this type of fishing in the spillways and canals is a very hard fishery as you have to walk for a long time around the canals looking for bait and once you find the bait then you have to throw at the right spot and the right time to get hooked, a big peacock like this is one of the hardest freshwater fighting fish out there as a peacock bass will be able to fight you pound per pound in these spillways having the ability to swim fast and jump a lot to break you off, which at the end of the day losing a spillway monster like that is very heartbreaking

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