Big spillway peacock bass

caught this 7 pounds Peacock bass in Doral, FL.

This is what I call extreme freshwater angling in urban canals, this is a big peacock for canals in Miami, this is a prize for dedicated fishermen as a peacock over 5 pounds is very hard to find as they do not live for a long time and are not that easy to catch on lures in spillways and canals. The way that I do it is with a live mayan cichlid and I walk for hours searching local canals and spillways to find the big one, this fishery is not for everyone as it can take days and hours to find big peacocks, the way I like to do it is I have a bucket loaded with small mayan cichlids and tilapias and I just throw them out alive and leave bail open with 25lb braid and 15-20lb flourocarbon leader for these fish. In your local spillway you may find big tarpon, snook, snakeheads, alligator gar and any invasive exotic species. The way I like to catch my bait is with a very small hook and bread with a small rod, the best amount is 15 live mayan cichlids no bigger than 4 inches as that is a good size that can get slammed by any of the species named above. The biggest freshwater and hardest fighting fish that I’ve experienced is a 25lb freshwater spillway tarpon which is a very big fish for local canal fishing as the fight is very hard as you will only be able to catch three out of every ten tarpon that you hook as freshwater tarpon fight very hard and jump a lot to break you off which is a pound for pound gain by gain fight…

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