The Origin Of The BirdNix Diamond Light


The BirdNix discovery came from, believe it or not, a disco ball!

We were invited to a holiday party, and the hosts asked if they could borrow a disco ball. I loaded up the disco ball, motor and some lights and we danced the night away. After a night of holiday fun, we returned home late in the evening. I unloaded the car, and instead of storing the disco ball in its usual place, I hung it from a basket holder on our patio for safe keeping until morning.

When I awoke the next morning, the sun was shining on the ball and a light wind provided movement. Square lights were dancing around our entire outdoor area. As the morning progressed, I prepared a bowl of food for our old faithful yellow lab. From past experience, I always pick up her food if she doesn’t eat immediately to prevent a feeding frenzy from English sparrows and grackles. This happened to be one of those mornings when she wasn’t immediately interested in eating. The phone rang, I got distracted and went inside as the food sat in her bowl untouched for over half an hour. When I returned, amazingly there were no birds anywhere in sight.

Based on past experience, there would have been multiple species of birds feasting on dog food and fouling the area with droppings.

This morning sparked the beginning of the research, development and testing of the BirdNix Diamond Light. Our goal was to create a high quality, effective, affordable, eco-friendly bird deterrent that really works in a variety of applications and environments on a variety of bird species. We believe we have accomplished these goals. Thanks to our great customers for your support and for spreading the word about the effectiveness of the BirdNix Diamond Light.

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