Blue Ridge Trout Trek

By David Hulsey

We get these questions all the time: Where are the public access points on the Toccoa River? How do I get to the best fishing areas on Coopers Creek? I’ve heard of Fires Creek but how do I get there? It’s hard to decipher the public/private land deal in North Georgia and Western North Carolina. The National Forest lands are sometimes intertwined with private property and figuring out where to fish can be difficult. Getting a ticket is no fun for anyone but can easily happen if you stray onto the property of an angry landowner. That’s why we launched a new trip for the angler wishing to explore new areas without wasting precious fishing time trying to find a good fishing area. The Blue Ridge Trout Trek takes you to the best public fishing areas on 6 different streams in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina Mountains. All three different Trek days are about 6 hours long. No more wasting time and guessing if you in an area that is okay to fish or not.

On Trout Trek Brown, we take you to the 3 wade-able public access points on the Toccoa tailwater. Timing your trip to avoid the generation from the Blue Ridge Dam and where to wade this sometimes tricky, piece of trout water will be covered in addition to fly selection and specific holding areas for trout. All three have different approaches to being successful.

On Trout Trek Rainbow, the upper Toccoa River access above Lake Blue Ridge will be covered, in addition to Coopers Creek, Rock Creek, and Noontootla Creek public access points. These small streams are great destinations for the fly angler and are just a few minutes away from one another. Forest service roads run beside each, providing easy access to these crystal clear tributaries to the Toccoa River.

Fires Creek and the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina are both “must fish” destinations for the visiting fly angler and local angler too.

Trout Trek Brook reveals the fairly easy access, in addition to good populations of both wild and stocked rainbow, brown and brook trout that beckon anglers from all over the Southeast. These two streams are within an hour and a half drive from Blue Ridge Georgia, the epicenter of fly fishing for trout in the lower southern range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our mission is to make fly fishing for trout easy and fun for everyone, from beginner to expert! Give us a call if you are interested in checking out some new fishing water, we can get you familiar with where to go and what to use to be successful.

Give David Hulsey a call at (770) 639-4001 to book a class or a guided trout trip. See his website at