Bluewater Fishing Forecast: May 2013

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the arrival of May we can open the door to our summer fishing patterns in earnest. The live bait has already started showing up around and should increase with the water temps. The floating oil rigs and drill ships are already holding tuna. The billfish and mahi-mahi will not be far behind as the loop current usually starts dipping down within our reach. I have had some of my best trips mid May to our west in the Green Canyon trolling before the memorial day start to tournament season.

Live baiting small hardtails and herring on fluorocarbon leaders up-current of the deep rigs should produce tuna. Trolling skirted ballyhoo and lures around the grass-lines and rigs will get you more shots at marlin and mahi-mahi and the occasional wahoo. If history repeats itself like last year the low water levels of the Mississippi River will help keep the bluewater in close. Its bad enough having to run 90 miles out of Biloxi to start bluewater fishing on most days. Make sure you check the satellite imagery of Hiltons, Ripcharts etc. before you strike out on a wild goose chase burning fuel looking for bluewater that has pushed out of reach.

Good Luck out in the deep ditch.

Tight lines,
Capt. Mark Smith