Bluewater Fishing Forecast: November

Currently, while forecasting the report for November, it’s the middle of October and the Tuna fishing all around the mouth of the Mississippi River has been stellar. The tuna have pushed up on the shelf and are being caught around the shrimp boats, chumming, and in open water schools. A pending Louisiana state record 250 lb. yellowfin was caught last weekend along with several close to 200 lbs.

We have been catching some decent wahoo on the shelf as well. Wahoo fishing should get even better as the winter patterns settle in. Pulling marauders and stretch 30 plugs should get you some bites around the rigs and salt domes. The barracuda and sharks continue to be nuisances at the rigs on our side of the river.

November is typically a great month between the fronts so bundle up and get out deep.