BoJo Fishlight

The BoJo Fishlight is no ordinary fishlight. The unique design feeds your fish by knocking bugs into the water… still alive!

The unit has two fluorescent bulbs that attract bugs. Once bugs come to the light, an electric motor with weed eater-cord blades knocks bugs into the water where fish eat them all night long.

The Bo-Jo Fishlight works great on fresh or saltwater, on ocean docks, large lakes and small ponds. Bugs come to the light, bugs get knocked in the water, baitfish feed on bugs, big fish feed on baitfish, and you catch the big fish!

The device is simple to install. The durable docklights also give you illumination to enjoy nighttime activities and costs less than a nickel a night to operate.

Compared with the cost of mechanical feeders, the device will pay for itself in the first year. For more information and to watch a video, see the website or scan the barcode. To speak a representative, call 478-951-1490.

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