Broward Freshwater Fishing – August 2021

Shawn Issacs with a 7-pound peacock caught while fishing with Capt. Johnny Stabile.
Shawn Issacs with a 7-pound peacock caught while fishing with Capt. Johnny Stabile.

Summer is coming to an end, but the good fishing continues. Now is a great time to put on a headlamp and go hit some canals after dusk for some snakehead and bass fishing. Snakehead fishing at night is one of my favorite activities! You can find multiple locations in Broward, mainly small ponds, where you can shine your light on the banks and the snakehead’s eyes will light up! Turn off your light as quickly as possible and cast over in the direction you saw them. Casting at night can be very difficult, especially after the adrenaline of spotting a nice size fish. Take your time and practice your casting at night as it will help you out when you’re in the field.

Urban fishing this time of the year can be tough due to the heat and pesky afternoon thunderstorms. Try to get out early and remember to stay hydrated! You will start to find the big peacock bass that have not been interested in eating since March. Those fish are coming off their beds and are in full blown hunting mode. This summer has produced some of the largest fish I have seen to date! If you are fishing and manage to get ahold of one of these giants, it is crucial to spend extra time reviving them. The warmer water has less oxygen in it, and after a long battle, it can become exhausted and full of lactic acid. I always make sure to keep them in the water as long as possible and only come out for a few seconds to grab a quick photo.

One of my favorite parts about summer fishing is that the afternoon storms usually cause the flood gates to be open. Fishing these spillways can produce different species such as snook and tarpon. They will make their way up into these freshwater estuaries and most of the time, get stuck up there. You can use live bait caught in the same location or even store bought shiners to target these game fish. Mixed in, you will find a bycatch of peacock bass, sunfish, bream, largemouth bass and various invasive cichlids that make excellent live bait! Please note, Florida law does not allow nonnative fish such as cichlids to be transported to or between waters, so if using them as bait they must have been caught in the same waterway.

All in all, if you are going to fish in August in South Florida, there are two significant points to remember. Always bring your sunglasses and your rain gear because you never know where the weather will take you!

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