Broward Freshwater Fishing Forecast – December 2016

Capt. Neal with a healthy December largemouth.
Capt. Neal with a healthy December largemouth.

December typically means cool mornings and warm afternoons. These conditions can make you ask, “what do I do?” You need to make changes to your approach as the weather patterns change. If the wind is blowing, I look for a spot with wind and good cover such as grass, wood or rock. I like to throw Spinnerbaits, Rattle Traps and Crankbaits in these areas. If you get one of the cooler December days, you might need to slow your roll. Work the bottom with Senkos or try a finesse worm. If you’re fortunate to get a warm day with some wind, I suggest finding a deeper edge, throw into the cover and swim them out of the cover into deeper water. Use swimbaits, Gambler Big Easy, Dipper, Easy Swimmer, Swim Jigs and Chatterbaits.

#1 Lake Okeechobee — Bass are moving up every day getting ready to spawn. The spawn usually starts around December and can spawn as late as May. Start on the outside and work your way into the grass and cover. Cast anything from a jig to creature baits. Ynot or a burner craw are awesome for flipping. If flipping is not your thing, try out Gambler Swim jigs, Easy Swimmer, Big Easy, Burner worm and Spro Hollow belly frogs. Spooks are good for topwater. Pitch worms and Senkos into the grass. You’re sure to catch some Big Bass, as well as numbers.

#2 Holiday Park — With the weather finally starting to get cooler, fish are going to be moving around more. Holiday Park has been producing a good amount of fish and with some bigger ones mixed in. The most productive baits you could use right now are Gambler Aces, Gambler Burner Worms and swimbaits. Try out flipping and pitching with some topwater along the edge. Look for structure and work these different techniques. For those of you who do not have a boat, Holiday Park offers a boat rental for your convenience. Get out and explore the beautiful Florida Everglades.

#3 Sawgrass Recreational Park — Sawgrass has a good bite going off right now. As the water temperatures start to get cooler, the fish are going to get lethargic and move deeper. Slow down. Baits to use are Gambler Aces, Fat Aces, Gambler Worms, Gambler EZ swimmer, Gambler Flappin Shad and bottom jigs. Watch the water color. If the water is dirty or murky, go with a darker color. Black and junebug work well. If the water is clearer, go with a lighter colored bait such as watermelon or watermelon red.

#4 Mile Marker 35 — Fishing here is really good right now if you’re fishing from a boat. Make sure you go really slow around the wires. Try EZ Swimmer, burner worms & Aces. Swim big worms through the pads for the chance of getting a monster fish.

#5 Browns Farm — Stay in the deeper part of the canals and throw to the edges. Work your presentation out of the grassline and into the deeper water. All the baits and techniques will work here. Try topwater Spooks, poppers, and jerkbaits. Worms on the bottom can also be quite productive.

Fishing is an amazing sport you can help by caring and and doing your part to preserve it. If you are not harvesting your fish for eating, please carefully release them to fight another day. Let’s keep our waterways and fishing holes free of trash. If you see discarded line or trash, do your part to help preserve our waterways for generations to come by picking it up and disposing of it properly.

Till next time, tight lines and bent rods.

Capt. Neal Stark
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