Broward Freshwater Fishing Forecast – July 2017

Nothing like making a few casts and then...BOOM!  Fish On!
Nothing like making a few casts and then…BOOM! Fish On!

Rain Rain water levels raise and so has the fishing!

With the water rising, so are the weights needed to do well in Bass Fishing circuits. With all the moving water, bait and an increase in oxygen levels are making the fish more active. Everything from freshwater snook, tarpon, peacock bass, largemouth bass, and other exotics are biting. Waterways from South Miami all the way up to Lake Okeechobee are currently a good place to make your next fishing excursion to try and catch some of these fish. Make sure to have your fishing rod rigged and ready for that rare wave of sunshine to get out on the water and catch some of the Florida monsters that are swimming around near you. Now on to the forecast.

Mike Plaint throwing the Reaction Innovations' Kinky Beaver...
Mike Plaint throwing the Reaction Innovations’ Kinky Beaver on a Trokar hook with a 2 oz punch weight, power
pro 65lb. braid, fishing the KBS event on St. Johns River.

#1 Lake Okeechobee – Last year this time Lake Okeechobee was 14.75 feet deep, however this year the water is quite lower at 11.82. The Lake currently has risen 1 1/2 feet in the past 3 weeks due to the rain fall we have been having. This 1 and a half feet of rain is what brought the Lake to the current 11.82 feet. This extra water is making certain areas easier to get to. The areas where the fish are located are where there is a concentration of bluegill, and shad. Both bait fish are spawning currently. Baits that mimic both bait fish will catch monsters.

#2 Holiday Park – Fishing, like many waterways, is very good. Holiday park being one of two parks offering jon boat rentals, is a good idea for those who don’t have access to a boat of their own. Fishing the outside edge of the lily pads is the way to go for catching a lot of fish with the occasional giant. Key baits to focus on are Swim Jigs, Gambler Ace Sinkos, Gambler Fat Ace, Gambler Super Studs, Flipping, Rapala Husky Jerks, and both Hollow Belly Frogs and Burner Frogs. Also if you’re targeting bigger fish a 16 inch worm is the way to go. Fishing the Aces on both the top and bottom will allow you to catch some fish.

#3 Sawgrass Recreational Park – Is the second park where those who don’t have a boat are able to rent one. Just like Holiday Park fishing is very good. Fishing everything listed above except 16 inch worms will catch fish. While fishing along the bank keep an eye out for any key pieces of structure that may hold fish. Things like washouts, fallen timber and sudden grass changes are some key things to look for.

#4 Holy Lands – The main place to be when fishing here is the canals that don’t have too much current. Pay attention to the drop offs and sudden structure changes like listed above. Fishing deep is the way to go at Holey Lands. Fishing things like Sinkos, and a variety of different sized worms will catch you fish.

Other places that are producing fish are mile markers 35 and 41, and along north state road 27. Urban canals are also not a bad idea when thinking of where to go fishing next. From South Miami to Palm Beach County canals that we drive by everyday are loaded with fish. Some of these golden waterways are located right behind our houses. Not only are these canals convenient for those who don’t have boats, but they also are easily accessible, and a good way to get out fishing, fast and easy. No matter if you are fishing artificial or live bait, the urban canals located all around always seem to produce fish. Make sure to clean up after yourself when fishing. Also make sure to check the fishing regulations and follow them on your next trip. As always keep an eye out for bad weather and most of all, be safe.

Till next time, tight lines and bent rods.

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