Broward Kayak Fishing Forecast – May 2019

Joe Hector slayed this wahoo from his kayak.
Joe Hector slayed this wahoo from his kayak.

Spring is in full swing and with it comes schools of jumbo blackfin tuna, bonita and big kings. This is one of the top months for jigging the deep wrecks for kayak anglers.

When targeting blackfins from your kayak, make your way to the deep wrecks 180 to 250 feet of water. Try using pink colored vertical jigs and fish around those wrecks. Blind jigging in 200 to 300 feet has also worked well for me, as I’ve landed a jumbo or two in the past. If you’re planning on using live bait, try 30 pound mono with a foot of wire at the end to a 3/0 J hook and a small stinger. Make sure when you hook the stinger to your gog that there is plenty of slack, so the fish can swim naturally. Tuna have very big eyes and you will not get many bites if your baits are not presented correctly.

The deep wrecks should also be holding species like amberjack, cobia and wahoo. For me, the best vertical jigs for catching monster amberjacks are the orange tiger striped and the glow in the dark. For targeting cobia, try drifting or slow trolling with a live gog. Make sure to get your bait down by using either an egg sinker or a downrigger. You can also get lucky around the moons, and jig up a solid 30 to 40 pound wahoo. Speaking of wahoo, if you’re offshore and notice a big school of small bonita jumping around your kayak, try dropping your vertical jig or live bait below the school for that monster wahoo bite. I’ve caught some big wahoo in the past around or under schools of bonita. Always make sure you are using at least a foot of wire with a 3/0 to 4/0 J hook and a stinger rig when using live bait. The stinger is your lifeline.

I’ve caught some big kingfish in the month of May. Normally, I slow troll a live gog on a downrigger at mid depth, zig-zagging between 80 and 160 feet. Once I get my first king on the boat, I stay at that same depth. On an outgoing tide straight out from Pompano Pier, I like to do a drift from the pier to the lighthouse on a north current, with one gog on top and one at mid depth. While doing the drift, try staying in the depths as mentioned. My biggest kingfish in May was 38 pounds, caught in 80 feet of water just south of the lighthouse.

For anglers that want to stay close to shore, the Spanish mackerel bite off Pompano Beach by the pier has been on fire. I’ve caught all my mackerel on live pilchards and small tackle. Incorporate a small stinger just in case.

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