Broward Spearfishing – Nov. 2018

Nice amberjack shot with a polespear.

Polespears are the simplest shooting device for beginning spearfishers and new models are now often the tool of choice for many experienced spearos. Inexpensive fiberglass or aluminum polespears, with a paralyzer tip, are the best for shooting lionfish in Florida or lobster in the Bahamas. The one piece design is easy to hold on to and can be shot again in seconds if you miss the first time. Because the range is limited, divers must learn to fit in with the environment and stalk their prey. Much like hook and line fishermen, who now fish with simple rods and light tackle, many spearfishers now choose polespears over spearguns for spearfishing here at home. Because they shoot their poles much more often, their skills are polished and ready for a Bahamas excursion.

Polespears have been reborn with carbon fiber, advanced composite materials, hardened stainless steel fittings and shanks, so now they are much stronger than the old time models. Plus they shoot fast! Newly designed slip tips are sleek and penetrate well and then when a fish pulls back against the tip, it detaches onto a stainless steel cable or 1000 pound spectra line. Polespears can also be rigged to attach float lines for bluewater hunting. Multiple IUSA World Records for the polespear and sling category, started in 2013, are proving that polespear designers made the right decisions.

Remember, hogfish are off limits in Southeast Florida until May 1st, 2019. However, amberjack are open all year round here. Smoked amberjack is one of my favorite tasty fish!

Good shooting!

Capt. Chad Carney
(727) 423-7775