Built In Broward: AtlasTrax


In case you haven’t noticed, boat thefts are on the rise here in South Florida and it has become nearly impossible to insure boats that are powered by triple and quadruple outboard motors. Carolyn Stash found this out first hand in 2011 when she was charged with securing marine insurance for a triple outboard powered boat for a family member that was moving to Florida. When an insurance agent told her she couldn’t get coverage without a satellite GPS tracker, she began to research the products on the market. Everything she found was either too expensive or lacked the quality and customer service that she was looking for. She reached out to an old friend that specialized in tracking aircraft and together they developed a GPS tracking system and AtlasTrax was born.

Located in Deerfield Beach, AtlasTrax now provides security and GPS tracking solutions for boats, jet skis, aircraft, recreational and all terrain vehicles. AtlasTrax’s powerful tracking ability can also help with production and maintenance for construction and agricultural equipment. They even provide GPS tracking in the snow grooming industry, with over 500 GPS trackers in service across the USA and Canada. The trackers are used to keep the trail groomers safe in blizzards and while out grooming trails in the middle of the night.

While working full time in the finance industry, Carolyn worked nights and weekends selling one GPS tracker at a time. She walked the docks on weekends, handed out brochures and set up booths at local fishing tournaments and boat shows to promote the new business. By 2014, she was able to leave her job to focus solely on AtlasTrax. Now she has trackers in use across the country and throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Carolyn regularly volunteers her time at events for The Billfish Foundation and the annual Ladies Fish Off. No stranger to a fishing rod, you can also find her on the water with the AtlasTrax Ladies Fishing Team.

Primary products include the MiniTrax and AtlasAlarm. The MiniTrax GPS Tracker is waterproof and only 3 x 2 inches in size. It can be kept portable under battery power or can be hard wired or off a 12 volt power cable. There is no external antenna so it is totally covert. It qualifies as a required GPS tracker for insurance companies and provides great mapping features. Alerts are sent by email or text to alert the user of movement. A message handling server gives access to all trips and loved ones can check the exact boat location with the click of a mouse. With several satellite messaging plans available, you can also see data such as mileage, time length of trips, latitudes and longitudes, headings and speeds and even altitude in airplanes. AtlasAlarm is an audible and visual alarm system that can integrate the boats existing spreader lights and horn into a powerful deterrent to scare off thieves. The system features door, hatch and canvas snap sensors as well as a 60 foot dock cable wrap. If any sensor is breached, the loud 110 decibel siren with be set off.

AtlasTrax products can be purchased direct or through a network of boat builders and dealers. Regardless of where you buy an AtlasTrax product, you can count on Carolyn to provide you with top notch customer service. AtlasTrax offers free hurricane dock plans for all named storms and live monitored float plans for a small fee. Worried families can contact her 24 hours a day in the event of an overdue arrival or theft. To learn more about AtlasTrax products and services, give Carolyn a call and let her know that Coastal Angler sent you.

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