Bulled Up Tides Are Producing Nice Stringers

The fall equinox has are bays holding an extra two feet of water with a cold front approaching. The bulled up tides have helped the water clarity and have scattered the fish through out the bay. My first trip out after Harvey I ran to Cedar Bayou to check the flow and to see if it was still open. That trip was about two weeks after the storm, the bays were still tea stained from the fresh water and the only green water to be found was in the bayou. The bayou at that time was just a trickle from the beach that dumps into a pond about shoulder deep, thats about the size of a football field. The pond produced a flounder for me and we cast netted a few mullet for bait. We fished the bayou with cut mullet dropping anchor a couple of times to catch our reds and drifted mesquite bay for a few trout on a Gulp under a cork in new penny and sugar in spice. My friend Bobby Bringier caught our biggest trout right at four pounds, thanks again Bobby for towing my new rv and with all the help getting my fish camp set up.

Fastforward three weeks; the full moon has the tides bulled up into the marsh, the bays have greened back up and cedar bayou is as wide as the Katy freeway. My ladies team caught plenty of fish this Saturday fishing the Babes on Baffin just not the tournament size they needed, but had a great day. My stacked up fish have spread out but for the better.

It was nice seeing the other local guides at the ramp running trips and getting back to what we do best, fish! The parking lot was full, everybody was smiling happy to be back on the water. The report from the other charters was great they all had nice boxes of fish some better than me, so I had to tell my team to look away!

I can hear the front blowing in pretty hard which will help push out some water and maybe some flounder. The fall fishing is some of the best fishing of the year, marshes start draining after fronts. The flounder follow the bait and the pumpkin colored reds stack up at the drains waiting to ambush an easy meal. Don’t miss out on a year to remember, stop wishin and go fishin!

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