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By Captain Matt Kelleher, Capefish Outfitters & Fly Shop

I’m still not over the Bruins missing the playoffs.  Playoff hockey is fantastic. Even better when your team is in it.  Oh well, at least we still have Claude. I am looking forward to the sounds of “Fish On!”  Coming from friends and clients this season. Hopefully, there will be good numbers of fish this year. I wanted to give a quick list of fly fishing must haves when you’re out on the boat.  I guess it is for fishing in general, and everyone has their own checklist, but here is my top 5 in regards to what I find valuable in bringing with you on a charter, or if you have your own vessel, keeping in mind for next time.

1. Sun-Protection

This is numero uno. Must have. Goes without saying… even though I just said it.  SPF it up!!!  WEAR SUNSCREEN! Personally I think the NO-AD brand is the best. But use whatever you got, and use a lot of it.

Along with the sunscreen, I would recommend getting a Buff or a Balaclava.

This will protect your face and neck from the harmful rays. Third a hat. Wide rim, baseball, sun, buckets, whatever you like, but wear a hat.  Lastly a good SPF shirt. There are fishing shirts with collars and buttons and pockets and then you have the wicking ones.  All are great.

2. Pliers

Pliers are a staple. I try to keep a pair on my belt and another pair that stays on the boat. You will use these almost everyday.  Pliers are another don’t leave the dock without it piece.

3. Sunglasses

Should be in the sun protection category, but these need separate recognition. Sunglasses, polarized. Period. Not having your sunglasses on the water absolutely sucks. Like pliers, keep a pair on you and an extra pair on the boat.  You will thank me next time you reach over to land a fish and they fall off your head.

4. Cell Phone Charger

With all the technology today this is a good one to have. Boats are now coming equipped with USB’s and AC input adapters. Having a way to charge the phone is important. Phones now have navigational apps, weather apps, to help us in real time and in backup situations. Do your best to have a way to charge your phone on the boat.

5. Spring Water

You can never have enough. I always try to bring water every time I head to the boat.  No matter how much I bring you always run out.  Eventually.  Don’t forget the water.

These are just a few things. Of course safety equipment, first aid and other requirements for your specific vessel should be a no brainer.  Have a great season.

Tight Loops – Capt. Matt