Capt. Judy Savannah Fishing Report and Story – August 31, 2017

August 31, 2017 – Fishing reports and a Little Miss Judy Believe It or Not story! Thanks for reading!

Fishing statement: To try to ensure that fishing stays in the hearts of those that love it!

Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters is holding up a nice black drum!

During the end of August things in the inshore bite department make a change. After all there is about one minute of daylight less every day…with that being said, “Here’s where we are!”

While fishing with Captain Kevin Rose, Jonathan Lester Midway caught himself a very nice spotted sea trout!

The inshore bite continues to throw inshore fishermen into the desire to find clear moving water. This is due to the fact that the rains have been plentiful! The good news is that most fish have put on the feeding bags, but it seems they still have to see the bait to eat it!

Live shrimp are plentiful, which means if you can get them so can the fish. As with everything, when there is a lot of something, those eating it might prefer a different taste. With that being said, “Think outside the baiting up box!” I always suggest catching or purchasing live shrimp, because when all else fails this is always the “GO TO” bait for the fish and the fishermen. I am always suggesting using adjustable floats, because it can easily adjust the depth fished. Well, forget that, loose the floats and use the same set up! This means trout sinker, leader, and then hook. Yes, I know this seems like old time bottom fishing and it might be considered that. However, once the sinker is cast into place it doesn’t move, but the bait does. And what does that do? Well, it triggers the bite!

Get out your cast net and your minnow traps, because it is that time of the year where trying something different just might work. With that being said, here’s what has been working using floats or not that would be mud minnows and finger mullet! To catch mud minnows you need a minnows trap to catch a finger mullet you need a cast net. The “muds” are pretty easy and don’t require a lot of attention. A little circulating water goes a long way. However, I don’t suggest putting them in your live well with the expensive shrimp, because they are like us they like them too! As far as the finger mullet, it’s best to keep them alive. However, if you mullet look like it has red bump nose it will not work as well as those that don’t! How do the mullet get red bump nose? From continuously hitting the sides of the live well! I know it sounds stupid, but it seems that never learn and the alders don’t pass it down!

Our inshore captains have been catching some nice spotted sea trout and flounder. Yes, they also have been catching some nice keeper red fish. However, in some case they are catching more shorts than those that are legal. However, sometimes you got to fish more to keep!

Chuck Bowman and Johnathan Lester had a great time with Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters – quite an interesting catching/releasing/keeping kind of a fish day!
Rick Theise with a black drum. Next to him is Tommy Williams, also with a black drum. Lastly is Matt Solana showing off a spot tail bass.

While inshore fishing with Captain Tommy Williams, Rick Theise and Matt Solana had a grand catching day! What did they use for bait? Live shrimp! Where did they find the fish? Well, let see they took a left where the Turner’s Creek and Wilmington River comes together. And when Captain Tommy reached… they fished!

Captain Tommy Williams is giving us a big thumb up! The Steve Crosby fishing team done great! They caught a few, loss a few, kept a few, and released a whole lot!

Captain Tommy Williams is holding a nice doormat flounder! What did the old doormat flounder eat? A live shrimp fished right on the bottom! And once the flounder took the bait did the customer have to do a countdown before setting the hook? Yes and how did the countdown go? One flounder, two flounder, three flounder four! Now it is time to slam the door!

What do we have here? This came out of this red fish’s stomach. This was at one time a mantis shrimp also known as a thumb cutter. Now what is a good bait to use when targeting red fish?
Meet the mantis shrimp also known as a thumb cutter. The reason for this nickname is that they have a very sharp edge on the end of their tail. When they do a curl-kick deep cuts can be delivered.

What’s on the fish cleaning table? A spotted sea trout striking a Madonna pose, a set of red fish twins, 4 mangrove snapper, and black drum sporting one heck of a midriff bulge!

Let’s talk a little about the mangrove snapper. They are fun to catch, but are a little challenging. This means that are hard to hook. So using bait that is tough like small mud minnows might be the ticket to this ride. According to Captain Kevin Rose, when they put on the old feeding bag they usually school up in an area about the size of a hula-hoop. They are great scaled and guttered fried or grilled whole.

Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters tries to keep the gaggle of live red fish lined up. It took several pictures to get one! Nice catch! And what will this customer going to feed his family for supper tonight? Red drum, red drum, more red drum, and one black drum!

Thanks for reading! – Captain Judy

Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters and a very happy fisherwoman!

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