Capt Judy’s Savannah, GA inshore offshore fishing report

July 24, 2019 Savannah, Georgia.

While offshore fishing with Captain Judy Helmey, Captain Kathy Brown, and Alli “The Kid” DeYoung Adam Ragsdale vermilion Snapper, Lynn Tootle snake king, George Woods smoking king, Aaron VonLehmden cobia, and Joe Ippolito snake king (all from Savannah, Georgia) had a serious catching time!  Up front Alli Cat and Captain Judy


For those looking to purchase some live shrimp bait houses are starting to have some!  It is not as good and dependable as it is going to be in a month or so.  However, if your plan is to use live shrimp call you favorite bait house and give them a try!

Photo by Captain Matt Williams Local Bait Houses

Bandy’s 912 354 6444, Thunderbolt 912 667 1703, Coffee Bluff Marina 912 231 3628
Bull River 912 897 7300, Joey’s Bait House at Hogan’s Marina 912 897 3474

Now if you find that the bait houses are bare there could possibly be some throwing of the cast net in your future!  The best news about this is firstly, it is interesting, because you never know what you might catch! Secondly, most of the time what you catch can be used as live bait. What does this mean?  Finger mullet, menhaden, yellow tail, shrimp, and etc makes for great live baits!  And thirdly, it is messy, but a darn bunch of catching fun!

WOW!  Captain Kathy Brown and Alli “The Kid” DeYoung of Miss Judy Charters are showing off a big genuine red snapper!
This fish was not released it was coolerized!   (Put in the cooler!) 

While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Kyle Armstrong Savannah, Georgia caught some really nice spotted sea trout!  And what did he catch them with?  Well, you go figure and pictures don’t lie!  All I can say now to Kyle is “Nice spotted sea trout and also those fishing tools that you used to catch it!”

I keep talking about hot water conditions.  Well, I guess the fish got tired of being stealth and started moving, because the spotted sea trout bite has picked up!  Or should I say, “It is pretty darn good!”

What else is on tap to bite you hook?  Assorted size sharks, small to barn door size stingrays, small, medium, large, and mega size tarpon, and bull dog Jack crevalle!  What do these fish do?  Once hooked up they make strong runs, don’t tire easily, and offer a grand possibility of getting some big time bragging rights fish catching pictures!

Please meet the Sherwin Williams Paint Inshore Fishing Team! Yep, those boys can fish!  Who showed them the way?  Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters

While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Lance Pearlman, Geoff Wilson, Ben Newton, and Kyle Armstrong (All from Savannah, Georgia) caught some really nice spotted sea trout.  This is what they brought back to be cleaned not exactly what they caught!  The Sherwin Williams Paint Inshore Fishing Team caught some released some and kept some!

While offshore fishing with Captain Judy Helmey Miss Judy Charters George Woods Savannah Georgia caught this nice 40 plus pound king mackerel!
What did this fish eat?  Shinny split nose ballyhoo!

While fishing with Captain Judy Helmey of Miss Judy Charters Dr. Judith Piros Savannah Georgia caught some really nice genuine red snapper, vermilion snapper, trigger fish, black sea bass, and some nice white grunts!

In Dr. Judith’s left hand is a nice genuine red snapper and in the right hand is what is better known as a upside down fat mouth loose lipped hog nose snapper!

While red snapper fishing with Captain Ken Kennickell of Miss Judy Charters Alan Epply of Savannah, Georgia had a pretty darn good catching keeping day!  Alan is holding a large genuine red snapper that he caught while using a live menhaden as bait.  Genuine red snapper catching expert Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat is smiling and assisting!

Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters is holding biting business end of these nice king mackerel. Both kings were caught on light tackle while using live bait!  Who is helping? Lillian Brown age 7 and Joshua Brown age 8!  (Buford, Georgia)

Artificial Reefs • Trolling

These areas are still hit and miss meaning sometimes they top water fish bite and other times they do not!  However, when the king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, little tunny, and barracuda decide to bite the action is fast and furious!  Best artificial baits are those that you drag (troll) behind your boat. I like pulling 0 and 00 Clark spoons, 31/2 Drone spoons, and three hook rigged ballyhoo.   These is a saying when it comes to trolling…if you don’t get a hit after about 15 minute change up something whether it is re-arranging you rods, let your baits out more, pulling your baits in some, speed up or slow down your trolling speed, and I think you get this picture.

Bottom fishing at the artificial reefs continues to be a catch and release kind of a situation.

Genuine red snapper catching expert Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat is holding up a fist full of fish!
These big boys gave the fishermen a run for their money and also did quite a bit of line stretching in the process!

Savannah Snapper Banks

This past couple of weekends of open genuine red snapper season proved once again that these fish are plentiful!  And I must add, even though no one is possibly reading, that all sizes of genuine red snapper are being caught.  What does this mean?  Well, it was reported years before that we were only catching a particular size! Meaning not all sizes of red snapper were available supposedly due to over fishing! However, now all sizes of red snapper are being caught, fought, and released at this time!  So now I wonder what will be the next peril that we fishermen will have to deal with!  Could it be that the fisheries made a mistake or is the closing of the genuine red snapper permanently now working?

Taking the Mother Ship Out!

I wonder I wonder why? And I have to wonder… why was red snapper season open during the time when it seemed that the females were the fullest of eggs? Last year the season was open in August and we still caught lots of fish without causing any upset to the spawning season.

What else did we catch?  King mackerel, grouper, trigger fish, white bone, porgy, white grunt, amberjack, almaco, black fish (sea bass) vermilion snapper, shark, Mahi Mahi and other biters! What does all of this mean?  It is time to GO FISH AND CATCH!

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