Capt. Sergio’s Corner By: Capt. Sergio Atanes

Snook action is hot along the mangroves with the best bites in the early morning using topwater plugs, or their favorite summer bait–live greenback sardines.  When fishing with live bait, I like to freeline the baits in the morning and use a float, like the Four Horsemen, which has a distinct noise that I found draws a lot of attention in the afternoon.

Redfish will be roaming the flats. I suggest cut threadfin sardines on a 3/0 Kahle hook with a split shot about three inches from the hook.  Pick a spot with a salt and pepper bottom, or close to some oyster bars. Cast in the general area and let the baits sit on the bottom. It may take some time, but the reds will come. Chances are you will catch everyone’s limit.

Mackerel will be everywhere you have a strong running tide. Range markers and artificial reefs are a good place to start.

Black drum can be found under most bridges, and will feed on cut blue crabs or shrimp.  Mangrove snapper will be in the same area, except that they prefer shrimp or small greenback sardines on a 1/0 hook.

Good fishing and tight lines.


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