Captain Judy’s inshore offshore fishing Report – July 6

Article By: Captain Judy Helme

Inshore bite for spotted sea trout has been very good….on some days the customers get to catch endless amount of shorts (trout less than 14 inches) while other days most of the trout come in colossal sizes.  But I had a customer’s explain yesterday…it’s not what you keep it is what you get to catch…with that being said and with this customer having such a great attitude …fishing turned into to catching but not keeping which turned out to be a good time had by all…

Red fish are being caught…mixed in with the trout..then there are those fish that are just too darn big to keep..but the catching once again seems to be what everyone is wanting…keeping in some cases is  importance but seeing the fish you just caught swim off has also turned into the right thing to do!  Our customer base is changing and I simply love it….

Yes the flounder bite has been good….this is our by catch with trout and red fishing..

Offshore artificial reefs are holding Spanish and king mackerel, barracuda, little Tunny, and tropy red fish.  I know they are not supposed to be (red fish) in the mix especially at this time of the year!  However, they are remember catch and release only on the red fish when caught in federal waters…what’s federal waters? The ocean!!

I caught some really nice king mackerel the other day…using old school methods…what?  3 1/2 inch Drone spoon (silver/blue and silver) while trolling at 6 knots pulling the spoon 30 feet behind a #3 planer….what did we catch? Some really nice king mackerel in the teenage and slinger size.  (8 to 15 pounds)

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