Captain Judy’s Sept. 10th Inshore Offshore Fishing Report!

Liz Ross AKA Captain Garrett Ross’s better half is showing us how to hold them and how to let them go!  Liz is releasing a nice red fish that she caught and fought!  Who showed her the way? You got it, Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters


Liz Ross is holding a nice red fish that will soon be released back to the wild.  She and her number one fishing best-ee as well as husband Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters showed her the catching way!


Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters took Isabel Jenkins Birmingham Alabama and Alex Russell Savannah, Georgia inshore fishing!  This is the fish that they kept not the ones they caught fought and released!

While inshore fishing with Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters Jeff and Sara Peterson Savannah, Georgia had a great catching time!  This is what they kept and the rest, well, they are still a-swimming!  What on the fish cleaning table?  Black drum, spotted sea trout, and red fish!


Scott Broom Fishing Team!  From left to right:  Felips, Scott, Jared, Daniel, Captain Kathy Brown, Esqiqs, and Alli DeYoung!  What are they holding?  Barracuda, barracuda, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, little tunny, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, and another barracuda!


Charlie Daniels, (blue) Jenna Dubberly (grey) Bobby Jenkins (red) Phil Jones (Yellow) First mate Alli DeYoung of Miss Judy Charters (Grey) Jeff Dubberly (orange) and Aaron Gray (white)

All fishermen are holding barracuda!  Let me share with you exactly what I have found out about a barracuda.   And of course this is my opinion only!  It has taken me many years to come to these conclusions:

The barracuda is the only fish that kills just for sport!

When in a schooling mode, say over a wreck or live bottom, all fish involved won’t eat unless there is interest by all.  What does this mean?  As long as no fish in the school puts out “a want to feed aura” none will make a move.  However, if one does they all do!  And I feel so sorry for the prey involved.  In our case it is our bait.  When this happen no hooks up usually occurs!  However, there is lots of action to see and you just might get a couple of serious runs!

There is a hole in the top of a barracuda’s head in which a tooth located on the bottom row fits up into when the cuda closes it mouth.  This allows the fish to grab hold of it prey!  When this happens, whatever is being held in this fish’s mouth gets a spiral cut.  What this like?  Just like that spiral ham that you purchase at the store!

Now before the closing of the mouth takes place the fish will come up behind your bait.  While this takes place a small water fountain appears on the surface.  It reminds me of the old timey water fountains that we used to drink from as a kid!  When you see this foundation this means the fish’s head is right under it, it is in the feeding mode, and a serious attack is pending!

So therefore all of the barracuda that you see in my pictures were parts of one grand feeding bonanza!


from left to right: Martin (blue shirt/greenish cap) and Sandra (grey/black tank) Weeks, Rebecca (white shirt) Wren, Lillian Wren age 10,  William Wren (Grey Shirt), Kevin Wren (blue shirt/blue cap) and Palmer Wren age 7.

While offshore fishing with Captain Judy Helmey of Miss Judy Charters on the Miss Judy Too!  This fishing family showed out for sure!  The first think I must share is the fact that it was very rough offshore.  I stopped several times to make sure everyone was ok with the rock and roll situation that we have been dealt, which were rough sea conditions!  Now it wasn’t too rough to go, I just I always like to ask!  So after that long question I got a short answer, we are GOOD!  So therefore I took a 100 degree compass heading towards the KC artificial reef.   I had everyone on bird watching detail!  After all, where you got diving feeding birds YOU GOT FISH!  Well, absolutely no birds showed us the feeding way.  With that being the situation I headed directly to the structure on the reefs and put the lines out!  What did we catch?  Well, it turned out to be a BARRACUDA CATCHING FEST with everyone catching at least one fish and some catching two.  The fishing stars for the day was Palmer Wren age 7 and Lillian Wren age 10!  Why? Once hooked up they just kept reeling no matter how hard it was to turn the handle!


Kevin Wren is assisting his son Palmer Wren age 7!  Palmer is fighting his second hook up for the day!  And check out those fishing shorts!  How cool are they?  No wonder the fish are biting his hook, he is dressed for catching success!  Palmer successfully brought two barracuda to the boat.  Now here’s the rest of the story.  Palmer, third hook up proved to be very interesting for sure.  He hooked up a nice barracuda, it made its first initial run, and then it happened.  A large shark, not sure what kind, came along grabbed Palmer’s fish with such fury that it never stopped.  And when I say, “It never stopped, it did not!  It took all of the line off the reel and when it got to the bottom of the spool where the knot is, it broke making a sound like a muffled shot gun blast!  And this, my fishing friends is exactly the exact fuel that is needed to start a grand fishing story that keeps growing for many years to come!

Savannah Snapper Banks

While offshore fishing with Captain Judy Helmey of Miss Judy Charters Kevin Lombardo hooked up this nice very large nurse shark.  And it was a beauty for sure!  Now, before you go getting crazy on me, we did not hurt the shark!  We released it unharmed back to the wild!  Kevin did a great job of bringing his catch to the surface!


Take a look that these fishermen! What do that all have in common?  Well, they are sporting fish smiles; they are all catching fish, and what else? All bottom rigs used are made with Electron Fish Attractors!  Where can you purchase some today?

You know I have had a lot of fishermen ask me, “Do these things really work?”  Well, well, let’s just say, “I wouldn’t make any of my bottom rigs without using the Electron Fish Attractors!”  And you already know that I am known for my ways for catching fish!  This deal was proven many many years ago.  I used my old school techniques that my father taught me, which was way before any fish attractors.  Even thought I know how to catch them, still I wouldn’t really want to fish without the assistance of the attractors.  Believe me it makes a difference when using these new school tools.  On my charter boat I either have up to six or up to ten fishers at a time.  All bottom rigs either have one or two attractors.  And sometimes I “on purpose” make a couple of rigs without the attractors.  My customers let me know quick fashion that the fishermen with the attractors are catching all of the fish.  And of course they want to know why their bottom rig was not made with them.  Of course I quickly change their rig putting on one that is loaded with two attractors, which immediately makes them very happy!
Why?  They quit watching the others and start catching!  I call this the hands down ultimate test of all times!  So now you know Electron Fish Attractors work!


What does Trey Gipple, Cory Moore, Nick Ottariano, and Mike Butler AKA gator man have in common?  The all got to see Cory’s big fish get away!  Why?  It seems the rod he was using was not so up to par for the size fish he had hooked up!  So therefore what does a rod do when this is the case?  Well, it breaks!   And it did!  And this my fishing friends is the grand makings of a fish telling story.  And this is a story where the fish or the tale told never stops growing!

Don Butler is holding up his just caught resident gag grouper!  And it is a nice one too!  Ok, now what does this fish’s coloring tell you?  Well I am glad you asked….this grouper is sporting a dark coloring.  What this mean?  This fish also known as a resident was a home body meaning it stayed and fed close to its favorite ledge or hole.  This fish made a genuine risk, which turned into a life changing move!  Had the coloring been a lot lighter, it would have meant that the fish had been up in the water column quite a bit or that it was in migration mode! This fish would have then been called a non-resident!


Cory Moore while offshore bottom fishing at the Savannah Snapper banks caught a double header of genuine red snapper!  Did we keep them? Nope, genuine snapper season is now closed!  What’s the best news?  Even thought we had a short snapper season, caught lots of fish, were able to legally keep, there is still plenty of all sizes of snapper to practice with!  What does this mean?  Cory will be ready to catch and keep them next time!    What did they eat? Small piece of squid wing!   Take a closer look, this rig was made with Electron Fish Attractors!


Mike Butler “Gator man” is holding up a nice (named by my father) hog nose.  He also called them grunts.  However, the real name is white grunt!  No matter, they are fun to catch and great to eat!  Did you know, way back when, that Florida became famous for their “grits and grunts?”


Trey Gipple is holding up a nice vermillion snapper sometimes referred to as a b-liner.  In this case this is what is call a football vermilion!


Nick Ottariano Deltona, Florida, Kevin Lombardo got themselves a starting of a great stringer of vermilion snapper!


Thanks for reading!  Captain Judy

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