Captain Spotlight: Wing Man’s Carlos Arguedas

Captain Carlos Arguedas has been sport fishing nearly all of his life, starting out at the age of 6 years old fishing with his dad on Dominical, Uvita and Caño Island waters. While he was still in school he would commercial fish on his vacations to make extra money and help his dad to pay for school to become a marine biologist. When Carlos finished school he went to work at the Marenco Lodge on Drake Bay as a diving and fishing guide.

In 1990, after living in the US for four years, Carlos came back to Costa Rica and found himself in Herradura Bay where he established his own fishing operation. Once he heard the Los Sueños Marina was going to be built there, Carlos knew this was the right place to stay. Once the construction of the marina began, Carlos found himself a job working as a part of the construction crew. After the marina was completed Carlos became a captain running charter boats for Costa Rica Dreams.

As Captain Carlos’ fishing career progressed, he started to become well known for his inshore fishing skills. This past year he has caught at least 96 Cubera snapper, many of them over 70 lbs! He has also caught and released tons of roosterfish! His most memorable roosterfish catch was one that weighed at least 85 lbs. Not only was it a giant, but Carlos also claims it jumped at least 10 feet up out of the water when it was hooked! Captain Carlos likes to joke and say that rooster had marlin blood in him.

Offshore fishing is also something Captain Carlos has a great reputation for. Last year, while practicing for the Offshore World Championship, he and 3 anglers from the Bermuda fishing team released 56 sailfish in a single day!

One thing that Captain Carlos enjoys the most is bringing his two sons fishing with him. When his oldest son Cristofher is out of school, he often comes as second mate for Carlos. His younger son, Sean, loves to come along for the ride, but his favorite days are when he can catch fish on his little rod and reel at the reef known as 26’s.

Costa Rica Fishing Captain
Captain Carlos’ son Cristofher and Wing Man’s first mate.

Carlos’ dream is that the big Lord will let him live long enough to see his kids become great anglers and captains so they can also enjoy working at one of the best marina’s in the world. He also hopes that one day his sons will become the captains of the Wing Man, the biggest little boat in the world!

If you wish to speak with Captain Carlos or go fishing with him on Wing Man, please visit or email him at