Carpe-diem: Why Fishing in Retirement is Good For You

Fishing is a healthy sport for Retirement

Eighty one percent of American retirees say that good health enables them to enjoy retirement. Fishing is not only a fun hobby for all generations in the family, but it is very good for your health too. Along with the mental health benefits that come with regularly participating in a calm, outdoors activity, the physical health benefits of fishing are invaluable. This is particularly important in later life, when health and fitness need to be a priority

Fishing is good for your mental health

Planning how to spend your free time in retirement is key to your emotional well-being. This is particularly true for men, who are more prone to depression and anxiety when retiring. Going fishing regularly can help in this respect. An impressive 38% of fishing enthusiasts find fly-fishing an effective way of relieving stress. This is thought to be largely thanks to the calming motion of casting the rod back and forth, as well as the peaceful, natural surroundings that come with fishing. In this way, going fishing regularly can add valuable structure to your daily life while also helping to keep your mental health in good check.

Fishing works your core muscles and stamina

It may not look like hard work, but the truth is that fishing can be much more physically demanding than you might realize. For example, active fishing such as wading will significantly work your core and legs, as well as your heart, building overall strength stamina in the process. However, even fishing while standing still is deceptively physical and works your core muscles and balance hard – particularly important in older age, with a third of Americans over 65 having falls every year. This type of fishing is therefore a good option if you are less stable on your feet or need to build your stamina slowly.

Fishing: beneficial in so many ways

It can be hard to know how to fill your new-found freedom in retirement – especially if it has come unexpectedly or sooner than you imagined. Fishing represents a good way of filling some of that time, in so many ways. Not only is it something that can be enjoyed alone or alongside others, but it can also hugely help your physical and emotional health. What is more, with so many beautiful fishing spots on offer in America, there are sure to be several places that get you hooked.

by Jennifer Dawson

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