The series of cold fronts in early January brought in a lot of ducks and smiling hunters. It’s always a crap-shoot, excuse the pun, when there is this much water on the Big ‘O’. It’s hard to plan if you are going to hunt out of the airboat in waders or use a Jon-boat. Those of us who made the right choice for that particular day had a great hunt. Thankfully these El Nino conditions will be long gone by the time the 2016-17 season rolls around.

Though the waterfowl season is over it is never a good ideal to let rust build up on our boats and guns. Through the spring and summer continue to take you boat out on the trails and scout for new areas for next season. If you haven’t scouted any of the Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) now would be a good time to do that. To keep your shooting skills sharp, spend a few days every month at one of the local sporting clay clubs. You’d be amazed how this will improve your effectiveness next season.

The lake is in great shape for bass fishing this year. Too bad Mother Nature threw a curveball with some cold and windy conditions for the big FLW and BFL tournaments this past month. But it’s March now and warmer weather is on its way, so Get Ready!

Catchya on the lake Capt. Chris