Central Florida Inland

Central Florida Inland – October Fishing Report


Forest Fishers, what a crazy hurricane season we’ve had!   Anyone who was worried about the water levels dropping when summer began, dang sure ain’t worried now!  Last month alone brought our lakes back up to their peak, if not further.

For the most part, summertime fishing is all about finding shade.  Fish the east side of lakes in the morning, and the west side at sunset; simple.  Last month though, was all about dodging rainstorms.  There’s always a short window, right before a storm hits, when the bite turns on.  So keeping an eye on the radar (weather apps) was essential.

Now, I have no idea what October’s weather will end up being, but I can tell you that the fish population is healthier than ever.  This year’s bream (sunfish) spawn produced mass amounts of baitfish, which bass have been gorging on for the past few months.  On top of that, the frog and insect populations have exploded as well.  So be prepared when you set that hook, because our gamefish are thicker and meaner than ever.

With all that in mind, my best advice for you, is to do some exploring this month.  I’ve given some of my least favorite spots/lakes a try lately, and I’ll just say this; things aren’t what they used to be. Bring a few bags of your favorite soft plastic lures, one or two rods, and hit the road.  Just use “Google Maps” on your cell phone to find countless areas, with several easy access lakes right beside each other, and cell signal is surprisingly good in the National Forest.

Tip: Bring a pair of heavy duty ratchet straps (2 wheel drive vehicles) for deep woods venturing, and feel free to call me anytime for advice/info.


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